LEOMAX ถาดปูพื้นพลาสติก PVC ด้านหลัง รุ่น SKYLINE ECO **สำหรับรถเก๋งขนาดเล็ก+Eco** แพค 1 ชิ้น (สีฟ้าใส)



LEOMAX PVC Car Floor Mat Model SKYLINE ECO for Rear Seats, 1 piece (Color Clear Blue)

Product code


Size and weight

Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 41 x 4 cm

Weight 1000 grams


Made of special grade PVC plastic, no lighter smell, light weight. And it is highly flexible, not cracked or broken like natural rubber.

Shaped as a tray Keeps powder, liquid and dirt in the tray. Do not make the floor stained car.

Plastic has elastic properties. Can be attached to the shape of the passenger floor.

Has a knob ground Helps to stick to the car mat floor. The tray does not slip while driving.

Can be washed. Without reducing the properties of the product.

Designed with modern patterns. Suitable for general car.

Increased confidence with the manufacturer's warranty up to 3 years.


Do not overlap with other rubber flooring. Slippery or glossy because it makes jigging the floor. The surface is not well. May cause slipping.

Do not place near high heat for long periods. This will reduce the quality of the product.

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